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Yep. Nearly a month overdue. Bad health, shut up. Be thankful DJ TIM NAPALM is giving you THREE SHOWS IN ONE! First up, a regular show compressed into a half-hour, featuring loads of gold, vintage and modern: REDD KROSS, THE GO-GOs, THE EYES, THE SIDE EYES, JON SPENCER, THE ADVERTS, SNIPER 66, RICHARD LLOYD, and CHARLEY PRIDE! Then you get RADIO NAPALM'S ONE-SONG XMAS SPECIAL (since we ran out of time and some idiots wanna ban "Baby, It's Cold Outside!")! Finally, in honor of fallen hero PETE SHELLEY, a SPECIAL HALF-HOUR MEMORIAL, filled to the eyeballs with LOTS OF BUZZCOCKS, MAGAZINE, and SOLO PETE SHELLEY. Murray Crimbo! And B'dum B'dum!