Radio Prakafra

Voici les titres des pièces musicales et autres ouvrages audio pour la session 10 - 2016. (Présentés en ordre chronologique)
Tout les droits vont à leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Here's session 10 - 2016 Music/Audio credits. (Presented in chronological order)
All rights goes to their rightfull owners.

01_Tenebrae theme by Goblin 00:00:30 H

02_Profondo rosso theme by Goblin 00:09:08 H

03_Phenomena theme by Goblin 00:10:35 H

04_Rosemary's baby theme by Krzysztof Komeda (Dot Records) 00:14:57 H

05_Candyman theme by 00:17:19 H

06_Creepy crawlers 90's TVad 00:20:22 H

07_Resident evil 1 intro 00:20:52 H

08_Resident evil 1 remake save room theme 00:24:40 H

09_Resident evil 2 save room theme 00:30:16 H

10_Resident evil 4 save room theme 00:37:26 H

11_Gak 90's TV ad 00:46:24 H

12_Sandro Gorli requiem track 02 00:46:53 H

13_Nurse with wounds Homotopy to Marie extract 00:51:26 H

14_Sandro Gorli requiem track 05 00:53:52 H

15_X tra hard by Frankfurt terror corps 00:56:34 H

16_Butcher by Swans 00:58:22 H