Radio Prakafra

Voici les titres des pièces musicales et autres ouvrages audio pour la session 11 - 2016. (Présentés en ordre chronologique)
Tout les droits vont à leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Here's session 11 - 2016 Music/Audio credits. (Presented in chronological order)
All rights goes to their rightfull owners.

01_Paper planes by M.I.A 00:00:01 H

02_Tempo by Tony red rose 00:03:22 H

03_D-Generation X theme song by Rage against the machine (WWE) 00:07:56 H

04_Rainbow children by Prince 00:10:07 H

05_I'm waiting for my man by Velvet underground 00:20:11 H

06_Lucy in the sky with diamonds by easy star all stars feat. Frankie Paul 00:24:36 H

07_Special place by infected mushroom 00:29:02 H

08_Pusher man by Curtis Mayfield 00:35:43 H

09_I'd do anything for love by Meatloaf 00:40:41 H

10_Achy breaky dance by Stef Carse 00:45:51 H

11_She blinded me with science by Thomas Dolby 00:49:13 H

12_TMNT's Shredder's suite by John du prez 00:52:36 H

13_Shake, Shake Senora by Harry Belafonte 00:56:59 H

14_So danco samba by Antonio Carlos Jobim 01:00:38 H