Radio Prakafra

Voici les titres des pièces musicales et autres ouvrages audio pour la session 13 - 2016. (Présentés en ordre chronologique)
Tout les droits vont à leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Here's session 13 - 2016 Music/Audio credits. (Presented in chronological order)
All rights goes to their rightfull owners.

01_World funeral by Marduk (Regain records) 00:00:36 H

02_Mordred's song by Blind guardian (Virgin, Century Media) 00:04:01 H

03_The bleeding by Cannibal corpse (Metal blade) 00:09:23 H

04_Vobiscum satanas by Dark funeral (No Fashion Records) 00:13:35 H

05_Opeth medley par les Acoustabites 00:18:22 H

06_Behind space by In flames (Nuclear Blast)00:32:14 H

07_The leper affinity by Opeth (Music for Nations / Koch Records ) 00:36:40 H

08_Carpae Deum by Quo Vadis (VomiT Productions)00:46:50 H

09_Children of the dammed by Iron Maiden (EMI)
00:49:51 H