Radio Prakafra

Voici les titres des pièces musicales et autres ouvrages audio pour la session 15 - 2016. (Présentés en ordre chronologique)
Tout les droits vont à leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Here's session 15 - 2016 Music/Audio credits. (Presented in chronological order)
All rights goes to their rightfull owners.

01_Travailler par Michel Pagliaro 00:00:37 H

02_Walk away by the box 00:02:56 H

03_Taking care of business by BTO 00:06:38 H

04_Half Nelson by Miles Davis 00:11:26 H

05_Laying down the law by INXS & Jimmy Barnes 00:16:09 H

06_Early In The Morning by Gap Band (12" Version) 00:20:47 H

07_Here we go by ministry 00:28:16 H

08_No time to play by GURU, Ronnie Jordan & DC Lee 00:32:28 H

09_Roboshuffle by Kid Koala 00:37:16 H

10_Night work by Monty Alexander & Ernst Ranglin 00:40:38 H

11_Construcción, de Chico Buarque 00:45:45 H

12_Slave song by Sade 00:51:56 H

13_I can't help myself (Sugar pie, honey bunch) by the Funk brothers 00:56:23 H