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Brea and Mallory help you clean off your crowded bookshelves and interview author and musician Amanda Palmer. Use the hashtag #ReadingGlasses to participate in online discussion! Email us at readingglassespodcast at gmail dot com!


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Amanda Palmer


The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Books Mentioned -


The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?) by Brittany Gibbons

Pizzeria Kamikaze by Asaf Hanuka (Illustrator), Etgar Keret

Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy


Amatka by Karin Tidbeck

The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser


The Future is History by Masha Gessen


The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Gender Trouble by Judith Butler