Once again here we go, bringing another hour of the greatest rocknroll on earth with Bottlenose Koffins, Cooterfinger, Tav Falco, Reverend Elvis & The Undead Syncopators, Joe Clay and more

Git it.

Bottlenose Koffins | Gayzilla! | Topless Octopus(GetWeird Records)2013

Cooterfinger | Three Chords And A Grudge | Three Chords And A Grudge(Illbilly Records)2003

Elvis Hitler | Hellbilly | Booze Party(Restless Records)1989

The Cramps | Look Mom No Head! | Jelly Roll Rock(Big Beat Records)1991

The Grave Diggers | Move It! | Love's In Season(Crypt Records)1989

The Husbands | Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands | Take It Or Leave It(Swami Records)2003

Tav Falco's Panther Burns | Panther Phobia | She Wants To Sell My Monkey(In The Red Recordings)2000

Restless | The Very Best Of Restless | Modern Romance(Nervous Records)2003

The Stingrays | Single Minded - Best Of Big Beat Singles | Don't Break Down(Big Beat Records)1992

The Zorchmen | Attack Of The Zorchmen | Travelin' Man(Diablo Records)2013

Reverend Beat-Man And The Un-Believers | Get On Your Knees | Get On Your Knees(Voodoo Rhythm)2011

Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators | PunK | Never Let You Go(SuzyQ Records)2009

Reverend Deadeye | Turn Or Burn | Baby's On The Train(Self Release)2008

Joe Clay | That'll Flat Git It Vol. 01 RCA | Ducktail(Bear Family)1992

Hi-Strung Ramblers | Hobo Bop | Jello Sal(Wild Records)2005

The Tremors | Uranium Rock | Drive-In(Brain Drain Records)2005

L'Assassins | Fire of Love | Fire of Love(Self Release)2015