Once again with an hour and a half of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Pure greatness from The Spastiks, Mad Sin, Stiff Little Fingers, Zero Boys, Southern Culture On The Skids, Rip Carson, and more

Git it.

The Spastiks | Sewer Surfing | Hatchet(Crazy Love Records)2016

Greg Lonesome & the Meathookers | Tortured Souls/Bombat Belus Split | 2000 Volts(Crazy Love Records)2019

Bombat Belus | Tortured Souls/Bombat Belus Split | Wilkolak(Crazy Love Records)2019

Damage Done By Worms | Fear Will Freeze You When You Face... | Vicar In A Tutu(Crazy Love Records)1996

The Tazmanian Devils | Evil Boppin' | 12 O' Clock Shock(Razmataz Records)2005

Mad Sin | Burn & Rise | Sex, Love, Blood'n'death(People Like You)2010

Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Bad Moon Death Trip | Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory(Self Release)2011

Stiff Little Fingers | Inflammable Material | Barbed Wire Love(Rough Trade)1979

The Devil Dogs | 30 Sizzling Slabs | Get Out(Crypt Records)1992

Serious Drinking | The Revolution Starts at Closing Time | Hangover(Upright Records)2011

The Saints | (I'm) Stranded | Demolition Girl(Captain Oi!)1977

Digger & The Pussycats | DIY | Never Looked The Same(P. Trash Records)2009

Flash Kicks | Unreleased | Too Late(Self Release)2018

Zero Boys | Vicious Circle | Civilization's Dying(Toxic Shock)1982

The Revelevens | Show Me On The Chicken Where The Music Touched You | Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Alone(Self Release)2006

Peter & The Test Tube Babies | Pissed And Proud | Intensive Care(No Future Records)1982

Lexicon Devils | Vegetative State. | Vegetative State(Self Release)2014

Bloodshot Bill | Come Get Your Love Right Now | Know Myself(Goner Records)2019

Southern Culture On The Skids | Liquored Up And Lacquered Down | Liquored Up And Lacquered(Telstar Records)2000

Eddie Noack | Psycho: The K-Ark And Allstar Recordings 1962-1969 | Beer Drinkin' Blues(Bear Family Records)2013

Chuck & the Crack-Pipes | One Lung Down | Six Pack To Go(Western Star Recordings)2007

Frantic Flintstones | Psycho Samba My Way | Lying Naked(Drunkabilly Records)2009

The Cramps | Flamejob | Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs(Creation Records)1994

The Deadcats | Look Like Hell! | Mummified Baby(Flying Saucer Records)2010

Henry & The Bleeders | "Out Of Luck, Out Of Cash, Out On Bail" | King Of The Binge Drinkers(Western Star Recordings)2009

Drunken Hobo's | 25 Years Of Intoxicating Rockabilly | Crazed On You(Self Release)2009

Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio | Savage American Rock | I'm Gonna Drink(Rollin' Rock Records)1999

The Pharaohs | Blue Egypt | Never Coming Back(Nervous Records)1986

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