Doing it again as we do with another hour and a half of the good stuff.. The absolute greatest rocknroll on earth from Reverend Beat-Man, Hexxers, The Anonymus, Henry & The Bleeders, The Moonshine Stalkers, The Meantraitors, Screamers & Sinners, The Waltons, Dale Watson, and more.

Git it.

Reverend Beat-Man | Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 1 | Another Day Another Life(Voodoo Rhythm)2007

Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | Strangled(Golly Gee Records)2005

The Hate Bombs | Hunt You Down | Hunt You Down(Dionysus Records)1999

The Anonymus | Unreleased | She's All Mine(Self Release)2009

The Sonics | Boom | Shot Down(Etiquiette Records)1966

Los Peyotes | ¡Cavernicola! | I Caveman And You(Rockaway Records)2005

The Bad Companions | 12 Bars | 12 Bars(Sideshow Sound)2015

The Nut Jumpers | Boogie In The Shack | C'mon, C'mon(Rock Paradise)2018

Pete Hutton & The Beyonders | Lone Wolf | I Don't Need You No More(Rhythm Bomb Records)2008

Carlos & The Bandidos | Single | Beautiful Suicide(Migraine Records)2018

Henry & The Bleeders | Looking Backwards | Too Many Heartaches(Western Star Recording)2018

The Farrell Bros. | Curbstomp Boogie | Rumble At The Opry(Raucous Records)2003

The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | My Kitten Is Up A Tree(Brain Drain Records)2004

The Young Werewolves | Psycho In The Street Vol. 1 | Now's The Time(Vicious Mistress Records)2014

The Moonshine Stalkers | Psycho In The Street Vol. 3 | Satan Takes A Holiday(Vicious Mistress Records)2019

The Doppelgangers | Bad, Bad Man | Creatures From The Sky(Diablo Records)2013

Guitar Slingers | Carnevil Of Souls | Rise Of The Cybermen(Diablo Records)2015

The Meantraitors | Down With The Human | Down With The Human(Polygon Records)2019

Mad Heads | Naked Flame | Over My Dead Body(Crazy Love Records)2002

Stressor | Trip To Mad City | Mad City(Crazy Love Records)2012

The Magnetix | With Their Amazing First Album! | 10 Bones Skeleton Rock(Crazy Love Records)2011

Mosquito | Wants Your Blood | Carriage Full Of Corpses(Mikadox Records)2000

Screamers & Sinners | Hypnosia | Radioactive Generation(Diablo Records)2019

The Legendary Shack Shakers | Pandelirium | South Electric Eyes(Yep Roc Records)2005

Sons Of The Yompin' Cockroaches | Sons Of The YC | Square(KIX 4 U Records)1990

The Waltons | Goin' Rodeo | Setting The Woods On Fire(Korea)1987

Skitzo | Love 'n' Hate | The Devil's Game(Diablo Records)2013

Lazy Ike & The Daredevils | Someday | Long, Tall Shadows(Self Release)2003

Dale Watson & His Lone Stars | People I've Known, Places I've Been | Louie's Lee's Liquor Lounge(Continental Record Services)1999

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