Two more hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth.

Git it.

Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Living Death(STAG-O-LEE)2015

The Untamed | Eerie Stories | Surabaya(Heptown Records)2003

The Astro Zombies | Frogs Legs | Go Out!(Crazy Love Records)2015

Jack O'Bones | Wreck Ya To Death | Boney Jack(Diablo Records)2014

Scum Rats | Let Me Be Bad | Let Me Be Bad(Rumble Records)2002

Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Hills On Fire(Crazy Love Records)2005

Boozehounds | Bottle Up And Go | Turn So Pretty(Red Five Records)2006

6 Feet Down | One Night In Hell | One Night In Hell(Crazy Love Records)2010

The Big Red Rocket | The Big Red Rocket | Bad Girl(Diablo Records)2017

Nekromantix | Curse Of The Coffin | New Born Son Of Satan(Nervous Records)1991

The Psyclocks | Dont Think, Feeeel!!!! | Zombie Walk | Killjoy Records | 2015

Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 | Dirty And Dumb | High Heeled Heartbreaker(Charlie Horse Records)2011

Murder City Devils | Murder City Devils | Boom Swagger Boom(Die Young Stay Pretty Records)1997

Big Black | Songs About Fucking | Colombian Necktie(Touch And Go)1987

The Devil Dogs | Saturday Night Fever | Alright!(Crypt Records)1993

Dwarves | How To Win Friends & Influence People | Anybody Out There(Reptilian Records)2002

The Sting-Rays | From The Kitchen Sink | Standing In Line(Big Beat Records)2002

Tex & The Horseheads | Tex & The Horseheads | Border Town(Enigma Records)1984

Demented Are Go | Kicked Out Of Hell | Vietnam(I.D. Records)1989

The Goddamn Gallows | Ghost Of The Rails | Shattered(Farmageddon Recrods)2010

The Legendary Shack Shakers | Believe | County Of Graves(Yep Roc Records)2004

Steven R Trent | Flat Broke One Man Band | 65 bucks(Self Release)2011

Toothless George | LONE WOLF | Because You're Young(Schuylkill Records)2005

Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Gotta Get to Heaven(Bloodshot Records)2014

Al Foul | The One, The Only | Gonna Be A Fight(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2005

Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Rhythm & Soul(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007

Stringybark Mcdowell | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Kyleeee(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007

Kings Of Nuthin' | Old Habits Die Hard | The List(People Like You)2010

Graveyard Johnnys | Streetblocks & City Lights | Streetblocks & City Lights(Let It Rock! Productions)2008

Zombie Space Pirates | Unreleased | Where You Gonna Go(Self Release)2012

Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | Daddies Makin' Monsters(Crazy Love Records)1999

Poison Bar | Mutated Liquidators | Special Can(Karliki Records)2012

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Till The End | Los Cuatro Condenados(Crazy Love Records)2011

Guitar Slingers | Carnevil Of Souls | The Fly With The Xray Eyes(Diablo Records)2015

The Moonshine Stalkers | Look Who's Stalking Ep | Stomp 'em Dead(Self Release)2011

Mad Dog Cole | Son of Satan | High Heels(Crazy Love Records)2012

Phantom Rockers | Av' Some Of This! | Jailbreak(Tombstone Records)1997

Dexter Shaw & The Wolftones | Dexin' | Hurts Me Too(Rhythm Bomb Records)2017

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