Doing it again with over two hours of the finest. Pure greatness from Rachel Brooke, The Darts, Thug Murder, The Bloodies, Angry Samoans, Naked Aggression, As Diabatz, and more!

Git it.

Loretta Lynn | You Ain't Woman Enough | You Ain't Woman Enough(Decca)1966
Rachel Brooke | The Loneliness In Me | The Loneliness In Me(Mal Records)2020
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers | Years | Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't(Bloodshot Records)2018
Dale Watson | Call Me Insane | Jonesin' For Jones(Ameripolitan Records)2015
Hillbilly Casino | Three Step Windup | Don't Stick Around(Self Release)2008
Lydia Loveless | Indestructible Machine | Do Right(Bloodshot Records)2011
The Bridge City Sinners | Here's To The Devil | Kreacher(Flail Records)2019
Days N Daze | Crustfall | World War 3(All We've Got Records)2017
The Love Me Nots | Upside Down Inside Out | Take Pity(May Cause Dizziness Records)2009
The Darts | I Like You But Not Like That | Thin Line(Alternative Tentacles)2019
The Jackets | Queen Of The Pill | Be Myself(Voodoo Rhythm)2019
The Hypnophonics | Last Band On Earth | It's Alright(Stomp Records)2009
Thee Headcoatees | Ballad Of The Insolent Pup | When You Stop Loving Me(Damaged Goods)1994
Th' Losin' Streaks | Sounds of Violence | Blue Girl(Slovenly Records)2004
Cock Sparrer | Here We Stand | Will You?(Pirates Press Records)2007
Thug Murder | Thirteenth Round | Right Back(TKO Records)2001
Bishops Green | Pressure | Silence(Pirates Press Records)2014
Menace | The Young Ones | Tomorrow's World(Fresh Records)1980
Vktms | Vktms | Midget(Broken Rekids)1997
Bad Mojos | I Hope You OD | I Hope You OD(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2018
The Bloodies | Salem Bitch Trials | Corporal Punishment(Self Release)2020
Memphis Morticians | 1,000,000 Delinquents | Spook Factor(Space Hearse Records)2009
Mad Marge And The Stonecutters | Mad Marge And The Stonecutters | Shake(Hairball 8)2006
The Matadors | The Devil's Music | Pink Lincoln(Stumble Records)2004
Thee Merry Widows | The Devil's Outlaws | I Want 'em Dead(People Like You)2008
The Revelevens | Welcome to Baltimore | Baltimore Fire(Self Release)2010
The Adverts | Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts | New Church(The Devils Own Jukebox)2002
X-Ray Spex | Obsessed With You - The Early Years | Obsessed With You | Receiver Records Limited)1991
The Dickies | Stukas Over Disneyland | Gigantor(Restless Records)1988
Angry Samoans | The Unboxed Set | Right Side Of My Mind(Triple X Records)1995
Angry Samoans | The Unboxed Set | Lights Out(Triple X Records)1995
Germs | Mia - Anthology | Richie Dagger's Crime(Slash)1993
Dayglo Abortions | Feed Us A Fetus | I Killed Mommy(Beer City Records)1986
War On Women | Capture The Flag | Predator In Chief(Bridge Nine Records)2018
Naked Aggression | Naked Aggression: Recordings 1991-1994 | Lies(Broken Rekids)1998
Svetlanas | Disco Sucks | Jump(Demons Run Amok)2020
SA90 | Overkill | Overkill(Screwball Productions)2019
The Restarts | Outsider | Running Out Of Time(No Label Records)2007
Adolf & The Piss Artists | Zero Hour | Pushed Aside(GMM Records)2000
The Test Pilots | Parachute Party | Jumble Stomp(Martin's Garage)2015
Dypsomaniaxe | One Too Many | Dangerous Liaisons(Tombstone Records)1992
The Trillionairs | Hidden Tunes From New Dimensions | Long Enough(Spinnup)2020
As Diabatz | 1St Degree Crazy Psychos | Out Of Sight(Drunkabilly Records)2012
Archie | Listen To What Archie Sez | Steelcap Stomp(Kix 4 U Records)1986
Mad Sin | Burn & Rise | Cursed(People Like You)2010
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Frenzy / Get Out of My Way! | Ain't Got No Boss(Restless Records)1987

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