This week World Noise has Froggy & the Ringes/England, Sparrow 68/Mexico, Penny Cocks/Spain, Guava u Bajit/Slovenia, Kanslans Partisans/Sweden, Rixe/France, The Exsenadors/Philippines, Guerra Urbana/Brazil, Cold Meat/Australia & Rubella Ballet/England, Smash The Discos has tracks from the new compilation “Hardcore 21″ a covid eviction prevention benefit 21 track album with lots of killer bands!, Hear The Darkness features songs from two of Benny Brüjo’s favorite 7″ of 2020: the Tokyo Lungs-s/t 7″ and the Peace Talks-A Lasting Peace 7”, as well as new tracks from Pi$$er (UK), Final Gulp (SoCal Powerviolence in a 7-11Gulp Cup) & Milk (Japan); a “lost” Bay Area fave from Abrupt; current faves from Fucked & Bound, Dog Breath, Warthog & Rolex; old-school classics from Final Conflict & Koro, and in anticipation of their upcoming releases, favorites from GEL and Stäläg 13. Plus more and Dave Coop has Brand new tracks by Deecracks and Jon Cells (re-release) plus tracks by Subculture, Johnny Seven, a classic by the Cramps and much, much more!


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