This week Dave Coop has tracks from the new compilation by Pirates Press “For Family and Flag Vol. 1” featuring tracks by Bishops Green, Seized Up, Subhumans, 45 Adapters, The Slackers and The Drowns! Also hes got more music by The Uncouth (Kansas City), Dogs In The Fight (Boise, Idaho), brand spanking new Grade 2 and more!! Bruja has a all new World Noise features Nina Simone, 77 Sins/Poland, Mister X/Belarus, Perra Vida/Peru, Staid/Philippines, Rust/Australia, Peter & the Test Tube Babies/England, Perkele/Sweden ,The Bois/Singapore, Bishops Green/Canada, Rata Negra/Spain, Kohti Tuhoa/Finland, Video/Sweden, Tozcos, Santa Ana CA, Benny Brujo has a all new Hear The Darkness with A little F-U Trump from me and Dead End America
debut of track off new Lethal Means LP
New tracks from: Slave (Malaysia), EAT, Futuro (Brazil) & GELD (Australia)
One of the newly released 1981 Die Kreuzen demos
The OTN debut of Planet On A Chain (P.O.A.C)
Old faves from Career Suiside, D.O.A., What Happens Next?, OFF! and Mass Arrest!!


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