This weeks brujeria features Booze & Glory/England, Perkele/Sweden, Rebelde/Italy, Himnos/Mexico, Maladia/England, Exotica/Chile, Tumbes/Columbia, Cuir/France, Taqbir/Morocco, Reaksi/Australia, Fuse/Singapore, Oi Polo/Scotland and Ultra Razzia/Canada, Hear The Darkness features new music from Sarushibai, Electric Chair and Bootlicker, plus old-school tracks from Bad Religion, Social Unrest, the Avengers, D.O.A. and INFEST, along with contemporary faves from Mustang, GEL, Kicker, Fucked Up, Bad Breeding, Vitamin X and more! and Dave Coop starts things off with brand new tracks by Suzi Moon, Drunken Rampage and more! Plus tracks by The Uncouth, Criminal Outfit, Anti Matter and much more!

Play Loud and Proud!

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