It's Lunch Time!  Got some Green Jelly, Mats and Dog Party in the sack
Here's the Playlist:
I Need Lunch Dead Boys Young, Loud and Snotty Suggested by John 
Portland The Replacements All For Nothing/Nothing For All
Major D Generation No Lunch
Out To Lunch Sloan Navy Blues Suggested by Jer

Rockaway Beach Ramones Rocket To Russia
Wot's for Lunch Mum The Shapes Underground Punk & Post-Punk In The UK 77-81, Vol. 2 
A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist

Lunch Hour Skip & Flip Delicious Doo-Wop & Tasty Treats
Wienerschnitzel Descendents Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack
Fish Taco Betty Blowtorch Last Call
El Pizza Dudley The Grill Can't Help It 

Pizza Girl Jeremy Porter & The Tucos Partner In Crime
Pepperoni Eyes Personal and the Pizzas Raw Pie
Peanut Butter Dream Dog Party IV

Potato Chip The Shadow of Knights Pebbles Vol. 1
Pearl's Cafe The Specials More Specials

Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money Young Fresh Fellows The Estrus Lunch Bucket
Married Man's A Fool Ry Cooder Paradise And Lunch Suggested by Boyd

Down Under Leftöver Crack Fat Wreck Records Soundcloud Suggested by Darren
What Is Wrong With Your Mind Mark Porkchop Holder Death And The Blues Thanks Tony!

Anything Could Happen Bash & Pop Anything Could Happen

Cordless Kids The Bronx Bronx (V)

DESPERATE LOVE JD McPherson Undivided Heart and Soul

This Guitar Of Mine First Base Not That Bad

You're Alright Hot Lunch Who Can You Trust? 7"

Rock N' Roll Radio
Phono Select Records 7"

Hey, Pizza
The New Rochelles
Lost Youth 7"

Green Jelly Theme Song
Green Jellÿ
Zoo 7"

Clips tonight:

Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Naked Lunch 
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Rock And Roll high School

Instrumental Break Music:

Hot Lunch    Monkey
Jam Sandwich     Eddie Cochran
Taco Wagon     The De-Fenders

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