Let's have a One Night Stand -what do you say?
Here's our playlist for the evening:

Ladies In Waiting Kiss Dressed To Kill Thanks to Tom!!!

Go Replacements For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986
One Night Stand Motorhead Kiss Of Death Kudos to Jake

Jackson Nancy & Lee Nancy & Lee
One Night Stand Frantic Flintstones Rockin' Out 
You Had Your Chance Juliette Seizure $ The Tremor-Dolls Chewing Out Your Rhythm On My Bubblegum Thanks Kate

Holiday Romance The Kinks Soap Opera
Fifty Dollar Love Affair Joe Jackson Big World

One Night Stand The Bobbyteens Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
Jamie's Cryin' Van Halen Van Halen As Suggested by Jer

High Fidelity Elvis Costello Get Happy!!
One Night Stand The Hextalls The Hextalls

Lightning Love Affair The Rubinoos Back To The Drawing Board
Will You Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles More Dirty Dancing

15 Minutes Circle Jerks Wönderful Thanks Eric!
Guadalajara Old 97's Most Messed Up
Slip It In Black Flag Slip It In Cheers to Darren
Hunker In My Bunker Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys Digital Single
Dead, Jail or Rock n' Roll Supersuckers Play That Rock N' Roll
Solid State Heartbreak OUTTACONTROLLER Sure Thing

Shoulda Been Shangela Hayley and the Crushers Vintage Millennial
Boys Bleed Too Sick Bags Only The Young Die Good
Seventeen Watts Seventeen b/w When The Party Ends EP
Ain't Goin' Up in One of Those Things The James Hunter Six Nick of Time
Please Come Home The Whiffs Another Whiff
You Might Not Know Me The Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes Campari & Toothpaste

I Can't Control Myself The Troggs Atco 7"

Havana Affair The Ramones Sire 7"

You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC Atlantic 7"

Who'll Be The Next In Line The Kinks Reprise 7"

Lost in the Night Secret Affair UK I-Spy 7"

Summer Romance New Bomb Turks Get Hip 7"

Stay With Me Faces Warner 7" Thanks Boyd

Instrumental Break Music:

Love In The Afternoon      Don Drummond
Fling      Phaetons
Martian Time Slip     The Tempunauts

Clips on the Show:
One Night Stand Trailer (1997)
Seinfeld - Your Grounded!
Before Sunrise Trailer (1995)

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Next Week, the subject will be Favorites (Punk, Ska, 60's Garage & Glam).

In 2 Weeks, the subject will be Planets.

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