This week its the Annual Wine Show!

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Here's the Playlist:

Blow Up Your Mind


Look Ma No Head!

Blood Into Wine

Soul Asylum

Candy From A Stranger

Red Red Wine (Demo)

The Replacements

Studio Sessions Anthology

Booze Party

Three Aces & A Joker

Rockarolla Ahillabilly Wing Ding Do - Red Hot Rock A Billy: 1955-1962

Drink It Up

Three Kings

Three Kings

Suggested by Kate

Red Red Wine

Tony Tribe

Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set 

Suggested by Boyd

Pink Lemonade

Daddy Long Legs

Lowdown Ways

Bottle of Wine

Penny Cocks

Fake Gold & Broken Teeth



Fast and Frightening - High-Octane Rock and Roll Tales (1988-2000) 2CD 


Hell on Heels

Dogs Records & Wine


Elvis Costello

Blood And Chocolate

Kansas City

Big Star

Complete Columbia: Live At University Of Missouri 4/25/93

Champagne Toast

AM Taxi

We Don't Stand A Chance

Thanks Mike!

Another Man's Vine

Tom Waits

Blood Money

Cigarettes and Wine

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Thanks Jer

Spill the Wine

Jay Munly

Jimmy Carter Syndrome

Suggested by Darren

Into the Mud


Heat Wave

Contributed by Jake

Thanks For Nothing

Fret Rattles

Rock N Roll Manifesto 7" Single Series Vol. 1

Thanks Greg!


Mesa Lanes

Red Wine Yellow Pills


The Menzingers

Hello Exile

Boom! Dynamite!

The Courettes

We Are The Courettes

Water & Wine



Shotgun (single edit)

The Alligator Wine

Demons Of The Mind


Dukes Of Bordello

Deaf of Gory


The Reflectors

First Impressions


Hayley and the Crushers

Jacaranda 7"

Wine And Cigarettes

Joshua Rainhorn

Drag City 7"

Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

The Lurkers

UK Beggars Banquet 7"

Wine Wine Wine

The Nightcaps

Musicor 7"


Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Band

Warner 7"

Jungle Juice

Stick McGhee

Gusto 7"

Kings Of The Party

Brownsville Station

Big Tree 7"

Booze Party

Young Fresh Fellows

Skull Duggery 7"

4 Litres

Frenzal Rhomb

Fat Wreck Records 7"

Before The Kiss, A Redcap

Blue Öyster Cult

Columbia 7"

Clips on the Show:

On Wine: How To Select and Serve : Vol. One
Beastie Boys Blue revisted youtube clip

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Next week, the subject will be Coffee!
In 2 Weeks, we will be drinking a few Beers, as the is the subject!

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