Originally Published 3/22/15

The "Unheard Music" - that you need to hear!
Hear's the Playlist:
The Ballad Of The Opening Band Slim Dunlap The Old New Me Ain't That Easy Biters It's Ok to Like Biters Try To Get Some Sleep Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels Take It Easy
Numbers The Incidentals Suggested by Darren Not even the gods (Withered Hand) Vipersuzas

She Wasn't Lying The Windowsill 50 Duel Swervedriver Juggernaut Rides '89-'98 1000 Reasons The Twinkeyz Grok 7" Suggested by Tom
Young Man in Transit The Nils The Nils Suggested by jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos Nitroglycerine The Gories I Know You Fine, But How You Doin' Long Gone Sister New Bomb Turks Destroy oh Boy!! Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) The Continentals Fizz! Pop! Modern Rock (EP)
Top Gear Puma Frenzy! Puma Frenzy! Singing Stormy Weather My Dynamite My Dynamite Suggested by Kate
Miami The Fabulous Miss Wendy No One Can Stop Me! Boy's Night Impediments Broken Hits

Never Aim to Please Bash and Pop Friday Night Is Killing Me
She Can't 'Make-Up' Her Mind The Kingbees The Kingbees, Vols. 1 & 2 Suggested by Brent Dancing With My Eighty Wives The Individuals Fields If Only for Memories Streetlight Manifesto The Hands That Thieve Suggested by Boyd Blank Helen Keller Plaid One Swell Foop! The Last One Grenades in the Archives Tokyo
The History You Hate The Minus 5 Dungeon Golds Don't Make Me Beg Summer Cannibals Show Us Your Mind
Wet Denim Ramma Lamma Ice Cream Lula Baby The A-Bones Ears Wide Shut
Never Felt Like This The King Khan & BBQ Show Bad News Boys
Yer Gonna Cry Reverberations Demos

Deep Wound Swervedriver I Wasn't Born to Lose You Punk Or Lust Beach Slang Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? 7"

Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze Roy Lee Johnson Okeh 7" Broke  Chuck Higgins Specialty 7"

Let It Go Jolt Homemade Records 7"
Cut Me Some Slack Spitfires Estrus 7"

Wild Youth Generation X Chrysalis 7"

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