The Falcons- Swim

Jerry Reed- Amos Moses

Lords Of Altamont- It Ain’t Revolution

Drive-By Truckers- Sea Island Lonely

Jerry Joseph- Days Of Heaven

Slobberbone- Springfield IL

Bottle Rockets- Kit Kat Clock

Cynics- I Want It All

The Jackets- Demolition Girl

Flaming Sideburns- 13 Women

The Greenhorns- Show Me Love

Real Kids- Small Town

The Bloody Hollies- Right Between The Eyes

The Hentchmen- Messed Up My Brain

The Maharajas- Remember Our Love

Thee Wyld Oscars- What About Me

Dale Watson- My Baby Makes Me Gravy

Kelly Willis- Truck Stop Girl

The Idolizers- Golden Days

ZipGun Bomber- Chase That Feeling

Mark Porkchop Holder- Be Righteous

King Mud- Smoked All My Bud

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