Gutter Demons - Ghostrider
Demented Are Go - Zombie Stalk
Kobanes - Season of the Witch
The Creeping Terrors - Channel Zero
Gutter Ghouls - Murder Suicide
Misfits - Hate the Living, Love the Dead
The Bloody Hell - Diggin
The Bloody Hell - Evil Everywhere
Horrorscopes - With Your Ghost
Horrorscopes - Witchslap
Won’t Stay Dead - The Devil of Bedford Street
Won’t Stay Dead - Still Killing
The PrettyBads - Werewolf
The Sadists - Bride of the Monster (ft. Michale Graves)
The Sadists - Only Skin Deep
Mary Despair - The Ghosts Are Gonna Get You
Bad Whoremoans - Frankenhooker
Bad Whoremoans - Maniac
Venus De Vilo - I’ve Got 99 Zombies and a Witch Ain’t One
Frantic Flinstones - Mental