Creepy Little Things - Lick Your Soul
Venus De Vilo - It’s My Party I’ll Die If I Want To
Gutter Ghouls - Corpse and Bride
Failure Parade - Hallowed
Horror Vision - Ghosts of Mars
The Shadow Virus - Bloodbath and Beyond
Frantic Flintstones - Rock N Roll Zombie
Brother’s Creeper - Kid’s Next Gore
Dr. Hell - Dead Girl
Piffbreak Arcade - Mummy
Fireballs - Kill Kill Kill
Fireballs - Reanimator
Deadite - The Shadows
Miss Dreadful - Taxidermy Boyfriend
Gallowmaker - Maniac Lagoon
The Raven Claw Hammer - Killer
Fatal Collision - Abomination
The Spewers - Take me to the Morgue
Grim Ropers - He Who Drives the Ghost Bus
Monsters from Outer Space - Bloodfeast
Cavaverman Ft. Irene Viboras - Deadly Touch