Suedehead - Gimme Some Loving’
Suedehead - Waiting Room
Against Me - People Who Died
The Ratchets - 2-4-6-8 Motorway
The Ratchets.- Gotta Be Cool
Terror - This World Never Wanted Me
Sharp Cut - Hands in Chains
Sharp Cut - Still Here
Tightwire - Pentagram Tattoo
Arising From - Return to Sender
New Junk City - Useless Friends
Fullcount - Back Against the Wall
Dead to Me - Would It Kill You
Empire Down - True Believers
Felons - Violent Society
Felons - Breakdown
Bad Religion - The Profane Rights of Man
Direct Hit - Perfect Black
Bound By None - Beer Time
Falsetrip - Burn Your Flag
Cockwombie - Want Stuff Buy Stuff
Sous Escorte - Sous Escorte