Concrete Elite - Survival (Ft. Carl Templar)
Damn Broads - Smile for the Camera
Down With Rent - Entitled To Everything
Rules and Chains - Hangover
Rules and Chains - Lie
The Paradoks - Victim of the System
The Paradoks - Dancing with the Devil
The Roughies - Ringadoo
The Greenery - Hellbent
CRIM - Poster no hi ha Final
CRIM - Ullals de Llet
Roadkiller - Up and Lets Go
Alliance - City Burns
Get Dead - Silence
Mentor - We Dig
Hutch Welty and the Fuck Fucks - Carmelita Is a Punk Rocker (GG Allin)
Sled - Connect the Network
Shook Ones - Feels Like Red
Skallbank - Denim Demon
Pass the Flask - Selfish Idiot
Australian Kingswood Factory - Wake in Fright
Guerilla - One Step
Cobra Skulls - Eagle Eyes