The Slackers - Rude and Reckless
Fun Abuse - Paid Programming
Fun Abuse - Max Ego
Grave Danger - Escape From Skull City
Grave Danger - Too Ghoul For School
Simmertones - Sunday Morning Calling
Simmertones - The Whip
Crash the Owl Party - Broken Teeth
Crash the Owl Part - Nobody Cares About Cornfield
The Barrymores - Why So Much Hatred
Brass Action - It’s Not Me It’s You
Less Than Jake - Bomb Drop
The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A
High Tide - Work
Operation Ivy - Bad Town
Spunge - Liar
The Pietasters - Under My Thumb
Abraskadabra - Exactly When
Abraskadabra - Wheel of Fortune
Choking Victim - Hate Yer State
The Rough Customers - Army of My Own
Leftover Crack - Jesus Has a Place For Me
Leftover Crack - Down Under