Mr. Lisp - Get Our Minds Right
Mr. Lisp - Tomorrow
Fuerza Bruta - Cabeza Podrida
Fuerza Bruta - Hijos De La Calla
Todays Abolitionists - Reckless Devastation
Skumboyz - Who Do You Think You Are
Skumboyz - Blotter
Lion’s Law - Last Train Home
Expire - Anxiety
Last Trust - Их Казино
Last Trust - Снова в Кинотеатрах
Ogdens - Dreamland
Battle Royale - Nailed to the Ex
Battle Royale - Fecal People
Savage Beat - Living in the City
Snuff - Conductor 71
Dirty Work - Let’s Hit the Road
Dirty Work - The Kids
Cumstain - I Fucking Hate This
Porcupine - Hungry for Genocide
The Hyena Kill - Tongue Tied
Violation Wound - Resist Deny Defy
Offhand - Shoulderface
Concrete Elite - We Want It All
Guff - Guns at the Border
Guff - Ambitions
Fried Egg - Teeth