The Reapers - Thought Control
The Reapers - Sirens of Sorrow
Buzzkill - That Shit’s Gonna Kill You
Buzzkill - Major Fucking Complications
Hard Evidence - Rock N Roll Manifesto
King Nine - Happiness Is…
The Moggies - Fuck Off
Glory Hunters - Unity
Glory Hunters - Life at the Bottom of a Bottle
Quarter Tank - Harlem
Complaint - That’s No Punk
Incisions - 60 Hours
Incisions - Corrupted System
Drug Church - Unlicensed Hall Monitor
Spider - Barcode Baby
Misgivings - The New Lows
Long Time No Time - Not Exactly An Overture
A Pony Named Olga - The Law
Drublic - War
Spear of Destiny - Prison Planet
Flashlights - Shit Gets Rough
The Donner Party - Chain Reaction
GG Allin - Don’t Talk To Me