Savage Beat - Wired
Hard Left - Western Rifles
Hard Left - Holiday
Dave Smally and the Bandoleros - Join the Outsiders
Jagger Holly - Party Tonight
The Mugwups - Moonwalking
The Mugwups - Bubba Ho-Tep
Black Volvo - Punkrock Family
Skatebastards - Нам Нужен Угар
Skatebastards - Out of School (JFA)
The Rule - Be True To Yourself
Clown Sounds - I Pawned My Soul
Clown Sounds - Lucy Oh Lucy
Warthog - Coward
School Damage - Bad Moon Rising
School Damage - We’re Dying, Dudes
This Means War - Pressure
Saint Killed Her - Fourth Kind
Saint Killed Her - The Ballad
Napalm Strike - Deities of Death