The Elite - Power/Control
Slick 46 - Cash
Graveyard Bashers - Grandma’s Killer
Death Zone - Men in Black
Death Zone - Falling Apart at the Seams
AxeRash - Drunk With Powerking
Sick of it All - Work the System
Suspicious Minds - Legacy-Hampton Jig
Suspicious Minds - Room Service
Anit-Nowhere League - Never Drink Alone
No-Heads - Battle Plan
Zombie Ghost Train - Alone
Fear - No More Nothing
The Young Ones - Live for the Weekend
So-Cho Pistons - Last Day
Male Patterns - Everyone’s a Punk
Male Patterns - Headaches
High Society - Fighting Against Lions
Spew - Friday Night
The Nuclears - Uranus Call
Darkcharge - Ensome Ulv

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