Fear - I Love Living’ In the City
Uniform Choice - In Time
Rough Kids - Insightful
Bad Manners - Inner London Violence
Broken Bones - It’s Like
Youth Brigade - It’s Not My Fault
The Grit - I Came Out the Womb an Angry Cunt
BKS - I Eat Bugs
Queers - I Don’t Wanna Work
Brazen Rouges - In the Gutter
The Slits - In the Beginning
Lions Den - Isolated
Chixidiggit - I Wanna Hump You
Dayglo Abortions - Inside My Head
The Headliners - I Go Round
The Rezillos - I Can’t Stand My Baby
The Oppressed - It Ain’t Right
Duane Peters Gunfight - I Walk Along
The Exploited - Insanity
Gang Green - I Fea
Gonads - I Lost My Love to a UK Sub

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