Drink and Destroy Crew - Billy’s Anthem
Kevlar Bikini - Not Your Night
Shenanigans - Cammini Disgregati
Shitty Life - We’re Dead
Shitty Life - Switch Off My Head
Crush the Enemy - Bring Back The Mosh
Lizzies - Talk Shit Get Hit
Animals and Children - What’s Wrong With Me
Animals and Children - Too Fucked To Fail
Raw Power - I Lost My Patience
Raw Power - How Many Bands
Dog Company - For Our Friends
ISF - Conseal It
Ultra Razzia - Catatonique
Ultra Razzia - De Profondes
Natters - Stand and Stare
Natters - Make Room Make Room
Hit the Switch - Associative Forces
The Scurvies - Break Even Or Die Trying
Eye Gouge! - Smoke and Mirrors
The Problem Addicts - FIrestarters
Climate of Fear - Entombed
Corporate Citizen - What Would He Do