Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

SONGS Pea Soup Fog performed by Axel the Sot and Gibbon the Troubadour from the album Keelhauler

The Fox And The Crow performed by Bonny Moffatt The Traveller and Storyteller from the album First Fabulae

Hobbit Walking Song performed by Broceliande from the album The Starlit Jewel

Griffenfeldt - Jenny Nettle performed by Burly Minstrels from the album Go Merrily

Dennis Murphy & John Ryan's Polka Medley performed by Capt'n Tor and the Naer do Well Cads Pirate Invasion from the album Fanny

General Taylor performed by Captain John Stout from the album Songs From the Water's Edge disc 1

Cantigas 77-119 performed by Vince Conaway from the album Wanderlust(2)

Lachrimae performed by Vince Conaway from the album Wanderlust(2)

Health to the Company performed by Crimson Pirates from the album That's So Sad

Mist Covered Mountains Of Home performed by Pyrates Royale from the album Black Jack

Banish Morrisons performed by Jackdaws from the album Troubles

Johnny Come Down To Hilo performed by Rambling Sailors from the album Ports Of Call

Brand New Day performed by Carl Asch from the album Songs Of The Open Road

/Ships Are Sailing/Islay/Ranter's Reel/Father Kelly's Reel performed by Carolina Ceili  from the album Fifty Shades Of Green

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