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Flupandemic performed by Flying Fish Sailors from Loch Ness Monster Rambles of Spring performed by Queen's Gambit from Pawn to King Four Fields of Athenry performed by The Hooligans from In Cider Come By The Hills performed by Zoe Alexander from Bardsong King of the Faeries performed by Oakley the Faerie from Oakley & the Fae: First Sapling Fireflies performed by Vana Mazi from Izam Anav Dark-Eyed Sailor performed by Rambling Sailors from Ports of Call High Barbary performed by Angus McHugh from Rebels Pirates and Cutthroats Back Home In Derry performed by Tullamore from Timber & Stream Cockles and Mussels performed by Phillip Hole from Digging It Donald, Where's Your Trousers performed by The Dublin Double from Where's Yer Trousers! I'm A Rover performed by Mickle A Do from Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts Patreon Only Songs And You Dance performed by The New Minstrel Revue from Many Hands Aunt Clara performed by In Our Cups from Foolish Pleasure Roll The Old Chariot Along performed by Gallowglass Irish Trio from All Our Best The Skye Boat Song performed by Lady Prudence from All's Faire Two Wolves performed by Empty Hats from 5 Star of the County Down performed by Keelhaul from A Maritime Tradition The Copper Dragon performed by Scott Boswell from Thistle Whiskey For Breakfast Staten Island Hornpipe performed by Bret Blackshear from Fingers, Frets and Fire To hear the extended version with no commercial interruptions go to Patreon Rocky Road to Dublin performed by Half Pint from Fair and Tender Ladies The Parting Glass performed by Donal Hinely from Glass Stories




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