She's a Whore by The Poxy Boggards from Liver Let Die

Do You Have What I Have? by The Dregs from Dreggnog

Nine Inches Will Please A Lady by Siler & Clarc from Blu

All the Lads in Town by The Merry Wives of Windsor from Here’s to the Men

The Hairs of Her Dickie Di Doh (LIVE) by Axel the Sot from Bottled Up!

Professions by The Interpreters from Be Gentle

Roll Me Over by Crass Roots from The Orphaned Celtic Children’s Whiskey Fund

The Vicar and the Frog by Bedlam Bards from Barnyard Bedlam: A Cock and Bull Story

The Pudding Song by Seymoure from Seymoure Says

When Sylvia is Bathing by Craig of Farrington from Naughty

My Thing is My Own by Merry Mischief from Lusty Ditties

Old King Cole by Iris n Rose from Bedtime Stories

Enormous Penis by Bocca Musica from Goin' South