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SONGS Turning of the Seasons performed by Wine and Alchemy from the album Turning of the Seasons

The Gathering performed by Elflore from the album The Gathering

Scarborough Fair performed by Turtle and the Hair from the album On A Rampage

Harvest Season- Second Cutting performed by Alexander James Adams from the album Harvest Season Second Cutting The Butterfly performed by Circa Paleo from the album Tideland Green Grow the Rashes-O performed by Brian Tinker Leo from the album Symmatree Country Dances performed by Cantiga from the album Magic Steps Country Life performed by Burly Minstrels from the album Go Merrily Wild Mountain Thyme performed by Celtic Squall from the album Celtic Squall Star Of The County Down performed by Maguire Brothers from the album Sibling Rivalry Farmors Polska performed by Wolgemut from the album Momento Brand New Day performed by Carl Asch from the album Songs Of The Open Road

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