On this episode Abel and Paul get flame broiled with fast food royalty at Burger King. The arch-nemesis of the Golden Arches, long known for their slogan "have it your way", escalates the fast food price wars with their 2 for $6 offering. Plus, CHEESY THOTS are back. 

Fire, fuego, yoga flame is the theme this week as the boys start off the pod discussing HBO's revamp of Fahrenheit 451. Abel and Paul reflect on the dystopian ideas posited by in Ray Bradbury's literary masterpiece. They dissect modern content consumption, digital inundation,  information echo chambers, and implications for the future of books. Can Hemingway and Dostoyevsky hold their own against Sasha Grey and Emily Ratajkowski? Will bookmarks stay between paper pages or just exist on your browser? (0:00-46:00). The boys drop their hot takes before FOOD TALK. 

FOOD TALK: This week the boys try BK classics and more recent fan favorites. Does the King still rule or has he long been dethroned? Find out the Lunchbox rating on this week's pod (47:00-1:20:00)