On this episode Abel and Paul EAT MOR CHIKEN at America's greatest chicken sandwich establishment, Chick Fil A. Everyday is the Sabbath at this nationwide chain, where chicken sandwiches with buttery soft buns and crispy waffle fries are the blessings. 

The boys start off discussing the dusty beige cardigan of rappers’ newest self-righteous album, K.O.D. aka King of Diamonds, aka Koreans Own Delis, aka Kendrick Or Drake (are both significantly better). The boys have a one-sided debate on J Cole the rapper and his fans. Are STANS unreasonable people? Are Kanye STANS worse that J Cole worshippers? At what point do you stop idolizing other men/women? – are all asked on the pod (0:00-45:00) The conversation takes a quick shift to the very exiting NBA playoffs before food talk (45:00-50:00)

FOOD TALK: BWAK BWAK CHIKEN CHIKEN… BWAK BWAK CHIKEN HEAD. This week the boys review Chik fil a – the perfect chicken sandwich – and give their final review before the question of the week. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is it ok for Asian people to say the “N” wor….? NO! Even if its in a rap so..? NOOOOOOO! (50:00-1:20:00)