On this episode Abel and Paul make their way to Iron Gate, tucked away in the heart of Dupont Circle. This garden oasis in Washington DC specializes in Mediterranean SMALL plates, well-crafted cocktails, and a broad selection of premium wines. 

The boys discuss Anthony Bourdain and freedom of speech, their admiration of Andrew Zimmern, and ask “is it ok to punch neo Nazi's in the face?” (00:00-12:00); Abel and Paul then talk about the Emmy’s, Sean Spicer, dystopian theories from the Handmaid’s Tale and Children of Men before things get somber (12:00-20:00). The guys read into the rise of the elderly in Japan, how we should handle old people, and YouthInAsia…(20:00-33:00); FOOD talk: This week the boys review their separate experiences of the objectively beautiful restaurant, Iron Gate. They read the best and worst Yelp reviews and give their final verdict on Chef Anthony Chittum’s restaurant #DateSpot (33:00-59:00).