On this episode Abel and Paul satiate their craving for Chicken and Waffles at Logan Circle's Birch & Barley. Known for their quality selection of artisan beers and focus on seasonal dishes – Chef Bill Williamson (aka Bill Billiamson) presents his approach to modern American cuisine. The boys spend their Sunday like true Washingtonians, sipping mimosas and Bloody Marys with a side of tots #BrodiesWhoBrunch? #Nah

The guys start off with Athletes and Activism discussing the NFL's protest and players' solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. The conversation shifts to Trump revoking his "invitation" to the Golden State Warriors and players reaction. Abel and Paul talk about one GSW player in particular, Kevin Durant and recent gaff on Twitter (00:00-25:00); Paul vents on his feelings about "socially conscious" rapper Jermaine Cole following his return to social media. Is he a good rapper? Is he the poor man's Drake? He went Platinum with no features? (26:00-40:00); FOOD TALK: You know the drill – Abel and Paul review brunch at Birch & Barley and give share their genius perspective on their meal. As always the BEST and Worst of Yelp and the final ratings (41:00-59:00).


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