This week Abel and Paul explore Balkan food for the first time at Ambar in Clarendon VA. Known for their all you can eat small plates ($35) and brunch drinks priced like they're still in Serbia – the restaurant showcases a unique Balkan experience. A nice change of pace, yet familiar, the boys chow down on lamb kebabs, mezze, grilled pork neck, drunk mussels, and more. 

On this Episode the boys start off with a somber discussion on the tragedy in Las Vegas, gun policy in the US, and the sobering Jimmy Kimmel monologue (00:00-11:00); The boys shift focus to dirty old New York men including Rick Pitino and Tony Weiner. Should players for elite college programs get paid? Do we need sexting 101 courses for the elderly and the youth #eggplantemoji? Would the NCAA operate better if it was run by the mafia? (29:00);  Abel and Paul shift their focus to their favorite things about the mafia and imagine what the Filipino Mob would look like (36:00)

FOOD TALK: Abel and Paul discuss their experience at Ambar and ask the question, what is Balkan food? The boys give a half baked oral history of the Balkan region – a land of empires, crime syndicates, and the toughest MF'ers in the world (36:00-1:12:00)