This week Abel and Paul take a trip to the City of Brotherly Love for the Pinoy Playboi's birthday. The guys explore the city from it's "urban areas" to the city's legitimate China Town. Abel stays fed, Paul stays hungry.... on this episode of RIML Podcast. 

The episode starts off with a recap of the boys' trip to Philadelphia. Is Philly a trash city? Would we ever go back? Did Meek Mill get bodied by a singing Canadian? All questions to ask about one of America's oldest cities. The guys talk their favorite Rocky movie before Sylvester Stallone makes a quick cameo on the pod.  Abel and Paul also discuss Jackie Chan's illustrious career and other Asian jokes before the convo takes an immature turn to Kevin Spacey (00:00-42:00). 

This week's food talk covers Abel's experience at the hectic, but delicious Reading Terminal and peaceful dim sum and Nom Wah Tea Parlor. You like cheesesteak or chicken feet (42:00-56:00)? The boys end the show giving dating and career advice and warn about the terrors of white women (56:00-1:16:00).