This week on the pod the guys spend their Sunday morning at DC's annual food showcase, The Emporiyum. Starting in 2014, The Emporiyum brings together artisans and creators of quality products under one tent. This pop up marketplace hosts 70+ vendors from around the area offering a broad spectrum of food products ranging from South African style beef jerky made in Virginia to Mediterranean spreads mixed at yaya's house. Like shooting fish in a barrel, Abel and Paul eat their way through DC. 

On this episode: The boys start off talking college ball and NBA hoops. Ranging from the Duke White* (Blue) Devils to Lonzo Ball and the Latvian Unicorn – Abel and Paul give their expert opinions on the state of basketball right now. If you couldn't care less about the sport skip to (00:00-18:30); The conversation changes tone when the guys recap the downfall of the lone dick bandit, Louis CK. The boys ask the questions, "Why are men scum?", "Will Louis bounce back?", and "What separates Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?....nuttin". The conversation takes a quick pivot to the one bright spot for men this year before getting into food talk (18:30-54:00)

FOOD TALK: A hungover Paul and am Estrogen Free Abel check out The Emporiyum, located at Dock 5 - Union Market for a sampling of the best food products made in the DMV. They recount the good, the bad, and the doughy of this annual event - but come to the conclusion more events like these are what the area needs. The guys discuss their favorite guilty food pleasures on the eve of Thanksgiving and give some advice to a girl just looking for friends, not dogs (54:00-01:38:00)