Howdy Pilgrims, Turkeys, and Navahoes to the Rice In My Lunchbox Thanksgiving Special. On this episode Apache Abel and Thanksgiving God (Paul) talk all things Turkey Day. We're talking greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, YOU NAME IT. 

The boys start off by informing the public of two crucial issues in today's modern world – Net Neutrality and Paul's campaign to become the official deity of Thanksgiving (00:00-07:00). The boys then welcome Ja Du (formerly known as, Adam Wheeler) to the Filipino Community and ask questions on transracial identity. Is it boring being white? What does it mean to be Pinoy? Mayo or Kimchi? (24:00) The boys reflect on the relationship between white and brown people within the context of Thanksgiving and give a 100% factually accurate oral history of Thanksgiving and the Native Americans (37:00) 

FOOD TALK: Thanksgiving is about family reflecting on what we're thankful for, but most importantly it's about gluttony. The guys talk their favorite thanksgiving foods, the plight of the turkeys, and "eating the stuffing". So unbutton your pants or just wear sweats for this delicious episode of RIML (56:00)