On this episode Abel and Paul aka Mario and Luigi aka Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta aka Vinny and DJ Paulie D have a brick oven pizza party at Pupatella in Arlington, Virginia. Offering fresh to order Neapolitan style pizza baked in a hot wood fire, Pupatella is considered one of the area's best. The boys get nostalgic with one of their all time favorite foods from the country shaped like a boot. 

This week on the pod the boys start of discussing Paul's long awaited 23andMe test results. They finally find the answers to a number of questions including "is Paul a Neanderthal, a Mongolian, or a North Korean?", "does ancestry matter?", and "Is the test worth taking?" The conversation shifts to the holiday season (Christmas) where the Abel learns more about Paul (narcissist) through his depressing Xmas memories (00:00-32:00); Speaking of baby Jesus, the guys go theological when they reflect on the role of religion and their relationship with the practice. They get lost in the clouds imagining their version of heaven (49:00)

FOOD TALK: Allooooora!  It's all things pizza during this weeks food talk. Abel and Paul give their perspective on all types of pies – ranging from New York style, to Chicago Deep Dish, to Red Baron. Who has the best delivery? How many lunch boxes for Pupatella? Come get baked with the boys to find out (1:30:00)