Abel and Paul head to H Street for a night of stand up comedy and fried chicken at Maketto.

Maketto is an Taiwanese and Cambodian fusion restaurant/marketplace in Washington, DC.

The boys start the show talking about Paul's experience going to the PRIDE festival in Washington, DC. Then they transition into talking about the restaurant of the week, Maketto. Which included a "stand up comedy show" benefit for Care Cambodia during the dining experience. As usual, the boys talk about what Maketto had to offer and give their rating. 

Current events this week include: Theresa May's position on government regulation of the internet, the passing of Adam West, Amazon prime providing people on food stamps a discount, and the opioid epidemic.

On this episode: PRIDE Parade (00:00-23:00), Care Cambodia/ Maketto (23:00-55:00), Current Events, British Net Neutrality, RIP Adam West, Amazon Prime, Opioids (55:00- 01:15:00)