In this week's episode Paul and Abel compare Poke in DC ;Poke Papa and Poki District.

The boys open the show talking about Father's day, dad jokes, and future parenting styles. 

Then they transition to talking about Jay Z and Beyonce, Bey's Ivy Park clothing line and proper wages, and Jay Z's historic induction into the songwriter's Hall of Fame(10:30-40:00).

At around minute (40:00-1:10:08) the boys reminisce about Pokemon and then finally get into Poke. They share their experiences and opinions on Poke Papa and Poki District. They review and rate each restaurant and give their recommendation for which offers the better Poke experience. 

On this episode: Fathers Day (00:00-10:30), Beyonce and JAY-Z/ Sweatshop Workers and The G.O.A.T. (10:30-40:00), Pokemon/ Poke Battle,(40:00-01:10:08)


Poki District

Poke Papa