On this episode Abel and Paul drive through the Golden Arches for the return of the Macs. They indulge on three variations of an American icon – the Grand MacDaddy, OG Big Mac, and the Mac JR. The boys go SMACK on two all beef* patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. 

The boys open the pod with a discussion on Winter Olympics in  Pyeong Chang, North-South Korea. This international event brings together pseudo athletes from across the globe to compete in sub zero "sports" and celebrate unity through athletics. They talk about the youngest gold medalists from the US and wonder what its like when you peak too young. They briefly shift the conversation to having kids early, bad parents, and dreams deferred. They finish Olympics talk by asking questions regarding Paul's position on the sexual spectrum, the homogeneity of Male figure skaters, and what we're allowed to assume (36:00). Before FOOD TALK they discuss the recent movement in the NBA and the upcoming All Star break. Will basketball groupies have a Happy Valentines Day (45:30)? 

FOOD TALK: The boys talk all things McDonalds, as the fast food king (NOT YOU BURGER KING) brings back the Grand and Junior versions of the Big Mac. They expend their daily caloric intake for purposes of food science and culture while reviewing all three sandwiches. As always, they give each individual sandwich LUNCHBOX rating. Is bigger always better? Or is it the meat to bun ration (pause) that really counts? Find out on this week's RIML (1:19:00).