Rikrea chhn thmei! On this episode the Abel and Paul celebrate Laos/Khmer/Thai New Year with no frills Laotian food from Padaek in Falls Church, VA. 

The boys are back from hiatus after Abel returns from his adventures in Vietnam. Abel recounts his experience in the this proud South East Asian country and shares his perspective on Vietnamese food, culture, and society. The boys look into the country's past and ask, how did they get to this point today? $1 bowls of Pho, motos, and the impact of Communism are all on the table in this weeks episode(0:00-50:00). 

FOOD TALK: The boys review Thip Khao's modest sister restaurant, Padaek (formerly known as Bangkok Golden). Abel and Paul swim in fish sauce while chowing down on Laotian classics including Tam Muk Houng G, Knap, and Nam Khao. As always they give their final Lunchbox review – 100% accurate 100% authentic (51:00-1:27:00)