On this episode Abel and Paul try the "best pizzas under one roof" and new official pizza of the NFL – Pizza Hut. 

The boys start off the pod discussing the only man with five NBA Championships and an Academy Award, Kobe Bean Bryant. They reflect on life after basketball for the Black Mamba and reminisce about the good old days, when basketball was rough and men suppressed their feelings (0:00-18:00) The conversation shifts to Kevin Love's recent Players Tribute op-ed on mental health. They talk depression, anxiety, and medication before they discuss Lil Xan. Is 2pac a boring rapper? (NOOOOO). are old hip hop heads salty? (maybe). Should Lil Xan stop doing interviews (yes) (20:00-45:00)

FOOD TALK: The boys talk the big three pizza delivery chains starting with the Mozzarella Mussolini, Papa Johns. They try hand tossed, stuffed crust, and pan at Pizza Hut.