New Year Same Format! On this episode of the pod Abel and Paul head over to the newly developed DC Wharf to check out Mike Isabella's French dream, Requin. The culinary focal point of the Hoffman-Madison backed waterfront, Requin serves a modern approach to refined French cuisine. 

The episode starts off with the guys discussing the Aziz Ansari situation. They try their best to MANsplain their perspectives and dissect the idea of consent (20:00). They then take a quick pivot to an actual serial sexual predator, Donald Drumpf. Abel and Paul recap the President's recent remarks on immigration and "$h*t hole countries". They ask the questions "does Donald see things in black and white?", "Is he a Ganguro Girl?", and "how is he actually still the President of a top 5 country?" (31:00). Before the guys get into food talk they recap CES 2018 and delve into one their favorite topics, futurist theories. #ROBOTDOGS #USAINBOLT (48:00)

FOOD TALK: Abel and Paul talk all things French food and wonder whose the greatest French chef? Paul Bocuse, Daniel Boulud, or a Rat named Remy? They then recap their very different experiences of Requin and reminisce over river trout crudo, lame duck, and pumpkin ravioli. As always, they give their final determination and rate the restaurant in diamond crusted LUNCHBOXES (1:39:00).