On this episode Abel and Paul are joined by Sarat from Contemplation Cafe. The boys chow down on America's most iconic food (burgers) at Shake Shake. The brainchild of legendary New York restauranteur, Danny Meyer, Shake Shack offers impressively consistent burgers, fries, shakes, and more to patrons around the world. 

The boys start off with the most important event of the month and possibly the most exciting sports tournament of the year, March Madness. The boys bust off their brackets and talk NCAA. Should college athletes be paid? How else can one afford crab legs? (28:00) "Khaliq, Ramel, Pharrell in the house"...The conversation shifts to Sarat Obama's recent trip back to his motherland, India. The three talk all things India and provide the most in depth explanation of the country's history and culture that you can find. Lexis Nexis? ProQuest? Google Scholar? NO! Trust the experts at Rice In My Lunch Box (47:00).

FOOD TALK: The boys breakdown the leaders of mid tier burger chains and compare Shake Shack against the rest. Do Californian's know burgers or should they just stay vegan? Do you want your buns stacked with meat from five guys? Find out when the boys give their final rating (1:29:00)